AglaeaGroup - Bound Blonde Used By Master


AglaeaGroup - Bound Blonde Used By Master
Abby has been a bad girl ... A very bad girl. One might say a REBEL. She is awaiting her punishment from her master, kneeling in supplication. A pile of rope lays by her feet. Her master, JD, enters and proceeds to bind her hands behind her head, her arms up, all the while disciplining her with his works, with the rope around her neck, with his firm touch. Abby craves her master's discipline and so she endures it, knowing that if she is a good girl, she will be rewarded with master's cock. Once Abby's hands are bound, JD takes out his cock and thrusts it into Abby's mouth, pushing it all into her mouth until she gags. She is a good girl and worships JD's cock with her mouth until she is put onto the couch and spanked thoroughly. JD knows that the spanking has made Abby wet, and he runs his rough rope between her legs to stimulate her already-throbbing pussy. She moans with pleasure and pushes greedily against the rope. Finally, finally, JD starts to fuck her, starting in doggystyle. Abby moans with pleasure to have a cock in her throbbing pussy. Her master fucks her while she is bound doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, and missionary, until he cums all over her face and in her eye. She smiles up at him, happy to have had such a fantastic punishment and playtime... Don't miss Abby's interviews before and after the feature!

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