AglaeaGroup - Cover Me In Your Spit


AglaeaGroup - Cover Me In Your Spit
Join us for another outdoor BDSM playtime with MILF Dominatrix Mistress E and blonde teen submissive Desiree Audri as they engage in some spitting by the creek! Spit fetishists rejoice as Mistress E spits long strands of saliva into Desiree's mouth, then rubs it into her perky all natural tits as Desiree drools it out. Mistress E then bends Desiree over and spreads her ass cheeks, filling her tight asshole with gobs of spit and rubbing it into Desiree's ass and along her pussy lips. Desiree moans over and over, and Mistress E spanks her tight ass to keep her in submissive ecstasy! Mistress E ends the spit session with a caress, then walks away, leaving Desiree to ponder when she will get more playtime with the Goddess, Mistress E!

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femdom swallowing / drooling spitting spit fetish fetish