AglaeaGroup - Daddy's Yummy Load


AglaeaGroup - Daddy's Yummy Load
Lilly wants nothing more than to have your cock in her mouth, Daddy, so she gets between your legs and, while looking up at you with big, green eyes, licks your cock from top to bottom then starts making love to it with her mouth. She gets it all sloppy with lots of spit so she can slide her lips up and down your shaft, keeping eye contact with you the whole time. Then, she takes your cock as far back into her throat as she can, gagging on it with delight, and coming up to leave a sexy trail of spit all over the surface of your hard dick. She doesn't want to forget your balls, and takes them into her warm mouth to suck on them while she strokes your cock, getting you closer and closer to cumming. When it is time for you to cum, she strokes you fast with her hand and mouth together until you shoot a big, hot load into her greedy mouth, then she opens up to let it drip back out. "Yummy!" she exclaims after tasting your cum, then plays with it as you lay back in post-orgasm bliss...

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