AglaeaGroup - Flicking My Clit


AglaeaGroup - Flicking My Clit
Daddy's little girl Skylar Vera LOVES to play when Daddy is not home, and today she is looking at girls giving their Daddy's handjobs online. It turns her on so much thinking about stroking Daddy's cock with her hands that she pulls down her sheer white panties and starts rubbing her clit and her wet pussy lips. She keeps looking at the handjobs on her phone and keeps fingering her clit, faster and faster, moaning and pulling out her tits, then Skylar cums loudly and you can see close up how wet her pussy got during her masturbation session. Just then, Daddy comes into Skylar's bedroom and finds her contentedly rubbing her pussy lips with satisfaction. She tells him she has been watching how to give handjobs online, and now she wants to try it out on him in person! Stay tuned for part two of this two-part series where Skylar puts her hands on Daddy's cock!

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