AglaeaGroup - No Boys Allowed


AglaeaGroup - No Boys Allowed
Skylar Vera has dominated her ex-boyfriend's new girl, Lola Leda, and now she has Lola ALL to herself! She loves girls, and she especially loves young girls who have soft, perky tits and soft lips. Skylar kisses Lola with gusto, enjoying the feel of a soft woman next to her. She moves on to suck on Lola's nipples, making Lola moan, and grabbing and lightly spanking Lola's tight ass. Lola returns the favour with some sucking on Skylar's nipples and grabbing her ass. They roll around on the floor in ecstasy, getting more and more turned on, until Lola grabs a purple vibrator and starts to tease Skylar with it over Skylar's panties. Skylar moans with delight and enjoys the attention that Lola is giving her swollen, wet pussy, until she cums, then spanks Lola's ass in appreciation.

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