AglaeaGroup - Thanking StepDaddy For My New Toy


AglaeaGroup - Thanking StepDaddy For My New Toy
Jackie got a new toy from her stepdaddy, and she is excited to use it on her boyfriend later, but since she has never used a Fleshlight, she needs some practice. So, she grabs the closest cock (stepdaddy's) and gets to work. Jackie giggles as she slides the Fleshlight up and down, up and down, on your rock hard cock. She flips on her tummy and shows off her wrinkled soles as she strokes you closer and closer to cumming in the Fleshlight. Once you cum, she slides the Fleshlight off your cock and sticks her fingers into the slippery, soft toy to pull out a huge load that slides all over her fingers. What a great way to thank stepdaddy for the new toy!

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