AglaeaGroup - Thanks for the Light, Mister


AglaeaGroup - Thanks for the Light, Mister
Lilly loves her cigarettes, but what's a girl to do without a lighter or matches? Fortunately this trusty dick was around to help Lilly light up. Lilly is so elated, she just might give it a suck. In fact... she does. She takes a couple good long drags of her cigarette, then starts sliding her tongue along the thick, hard cock. She takes turns between sucking the cigarette and sucking the cock, slurping the balls, and licking the head. It gets her so turned on, that she starts playing with herself too. With one hand on her pussy, one hand holding a cigarette, and her head bobbing on a dick, Lilly is an expert multitasker. She playfully blows smoke on the hard cock as she teases the head with her lips, then pulls away to stroke out a sticky spurt of cum. With his hand, our light-bringer quickly works out a nice thick load all over Lilly's pretty face. Satisfied, she thanks the dick then continues smoking with a face-full of cum.

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