AspenAires - Ebony Teases You With Black Pantyhose720


AspenAires - Ebony Teases You With Black Pantyhose720
D--rinking my wine and commanding you with my black sheer pantyhose this evening. As you pathetically sit on your knees in front of me, the humiliation starts. Denying you in pantyhose, watching you squirm, and degrading you is how we are spending our Friday night together. Drool is oozing from your pathetic mouth, while the wine levels raise in my b l o 0 d. You watch my face and see that I am enjoying denying you. After, teasing you into explosion, I allow you to kiss and sniff my perfect ass through my pantyhose. I promise to let you cum, but you know better. That's just the wine talking. I'm never going to let you cum, pantyhose bitch. You'll be dismissed hard and blue.

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