AussieRedhead - I'll do anything to join your sorority


AussieRedhead - I'll do anything to join your sorority
She is a willing pledge for this sorority. She has never wanted anything more in her life! They don't just let anyone in, they need to make sure they can trust her. They need to be sure that she can take the heat. First she makes her crawl on her knees into their secret room, used only for initiation. Then takes a wooden paddle to this delightful redheads bottom. Something the redhead wasn't expecting. She squirms and squeals, her potential sorority sister makes this task easier to complete by restraining her hands. The PSS is merciful with allowing her to keep her legs free to kick as she needs. She begs to be let in when it gets tougher to complete. Then the hardest task, a frat boy is brought in. She must suck him off while receiving more paddling and spanking. Her eyes water as she tries desperately to take his whole cock in his mouth while squealing from the unrelenting punishment on her behind. It is not the sister that shows mercy this time, but the frat boy, as he suggests a few more smacks and her initiation is complete! Welcome! Clip features (keywords) Spanking Paddling leather and wooden Condom Blow job gagging spit redhead girl role-play blonde tattoos glasses blindfold red bottom pale skin and kinkiness

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