AussieRedhead - Spanking The Christmas Grinch F/m


AussieRedhead - Spanking The Christmas Grinch F/m
Zoe's favourite time of the year is the Holiday Season. She loves to decorate the tree, the house, her room and constantly wears Xmas Outfits. Zack however isn't a fan, he finds it stressful and frankly it puts him in a bad mood. Safe to say the month of December turns him into The Grinch! Zach tries to destroy the decorations in Zoe's room however he is caught in the act! Zoe teaches this holiday grinch the true meaning of Xmas. She sits on his back pinning him to the bed then proceeds to wallop his behind with HARD smacks with her hand. During his spanking Zoe has way too much fun giving him multiple wedgies and spanks. Watch this HARD Femdom spanking for your holiday pleasure.

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