Bad Dolly - Taboo House Buyer Seduces Your Son


Bad Dolly - Taboo House Buyer Seduces Your Son
You and your BF have gone to house viewing. Vid starts off with you in living room, you spot a lady there with her young son also waiting for viewing, you greet both, make small chat, saying your BF just popped out to the shop. Your all asked to stay in the living room till the agent comes back. Whilst speaking to the mum, you try to get the attention of the son, winking and smiling at him, you also hike up your skirt to show more leg. The mom goes away to use the toilet, you then start being naughty, asking the son how school is, whilst opening your legs. You then pretend to give a hug, moving his hands on your ass.You spot the mom coming back so you act normal. The mom then says she needs to pop out and if you can watch her son. Once she leaves, you then ask the son to follow you upstairs to the toilet, his unsure but you tell him it will be fun. Next shot is in the toilet, you say what a good boy he is and then pretend to give a kiss on the lips, you encourage him to touch you and pretend to move his hands on your ass again. You take off your top and your boobs out of your bra, you ask him if he knows what these are and encourage him to touch. You then also take your skirt off and give your ass a spank, jokingly tellling him to do it aswell. You pretend to touch his penis over his pants and ask to see it. You explain that his willy wants to play as its very pointy. You ask to touch and give a pretend HJ, talking dirty to him. You then suggest giving his willy a wash with your mouth, his unsure but you convice him. You bend over to give a pretend BJ, telling him to play with your tits at the same time. He then cums in your mouth and you pretend to let it out in the sink. You tell him to not tell his mom about this naughty game. You ask him to quickly get dressed and you go change in the other room.

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