BeingBoth - Being Both #40 Trailer


BeingBoth - Being Both #40 Trailer
#40 Trailer–The Secretary is back for more! Is she the most cock- & cum-hungry? • BeingBoth The Secretary takes over the room again! Without hesitation or inhibitions, she just grabs all the huge cocks from last time and starts fulfilling her lust, her insatiable desire for slobbering, sucking, and deepthroating them – shoving them so deep, her throat bulges beyond compare – her favorite, massive, hard, huge, and pulsating cocks. Not to mention her inimitable and unsurpassed ability to get them to unload the thickest, wettest, and creamiest ejaculations by the gallons, it seems, onto her sexy lips, quivering tongue, and pretty face that soon will be plastered with hot cum beyond recognition. Talk about being devastated by cum! And she is not satisfied until she has lapped all the cum from the mattress, scooped it up with both her mouth and hands, collected on a plate from which she uses a sp00n (!) to eat what is now her treasure, this mixture of love-juice from all the emptied cocks. Never before have you seen the like, and you probably never will again…

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