Bigsexy Films - Fitness Model Risa is Creampied


Bigsexy Films - Fitness Model Risa is Creampied
I contacted Risa through a modeling website to do a photoshoot. We planned a fashion and fitness shoot. She brought several sexy outfits and sets of lingerie and some workout clothes and gear. We had a great time with the shoot! She wore a couple sexy dresses, and we took some lingerie shots, too. And then she put on some tights and a tank top and we shot some workout photos with some dumbbells and a bowflex. She took some sexy butt shots during the photoshoot. As we were shooting, we talked about what kinds of content we like to shoot. I don't remember how it came about, but at some point along the line, I must have told her that I shoot porn. She expressed an interest. Before you know it, after a brief negotiation to work out the details, she was getting naked and I was fingering her tight pussy. Risa is a super hot, sexy MILF that loves sex. She loves it all, including anal (you can see her asshole relax open while I'm fucking her doggystyle... we didn't get to anal this shoot, but we did during a second shoot a month later!) She loves getting fucked and filled with hot cum, and I willingly obliged!

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