Cali Logan - Angelica puts the "Sit" in Babysitter


Cali Logan - Angelica puts the "Sit" in Babysitter
You’ve really pissed off Anastasia Rose this time... you’ve threatened to not pay her! How rude! She babysat your annoying offspring, and now you’re trying to get out off paying her anything! You know what... Anastasia has the perfect solution for you. An app thing? Boop! You start to feel a little dizzy... and everything starts to get bigger... as you SHRINK! Down, down, down you go! Anastasia had this app all nice and handy for assholes like you! You shrink all the way to the floor, and Anastasia starts to tease you a little with an upskirt shot.. and then she lifts her dress to show you her whole ass. You were always a perv, but now Anastasia controls you and your tiny boner! She flashes her titty... and decides to make you smell her feet! You decide after all this that you’ll pay Anastasia... but it’s TOO LITTLE too late buddy! HA! She wants three or four times more than what you pay! Then maybe she’ll you bring you back to size... You disagree! You don’t want to pay Anastasia that much at all! So the first thing she does it lift up her dress and smush your tiny face into the ground with her ass cheeks!! You’re getting squished to oblivion, but her ass cheeks don’t care! She picks you up and shoves your face right into her asshole. She made sure you were really in there while she grinds you to the ground! You then try to negotiate pay with her... but this only leads to her shoving you into her vagina on a glass top table. What a smashing good view! BUT this is only the beginning! This clip runs 15.5 minutes long with giantess, giantess POV, shrinking fetish, babysitter roleplay, size comparison, size fetish, ass fetish, ass worship, and doll.

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