Cali Logan - Everything Lost


Cali Logan - Everything Lost
Skye Blue and Sadie Holmes are ready to duke it out in a all out bare knuckle boxing fight!! Sadie doesn’t want to lose her land over a water dispute, but Skye says the matter has already been signed off and over. Both gals are ready to fuck up each other so much that they won’t even be wearing clothes by the time they’re done! Sadie snatches the signed contract, and rushes away. Tomorrow they will meet up to get this fight over with. Skye gets in the first epic bare knuckled punch! She’s probably extra pent up from all the cocky attitude Sadie has been giving! Sadie stumbles backwards, circling around to punch Skye in the face this time!!! Skye falls back and Sadie gives her anther round of punches to the face and belly. The bare knuckled fight continues with a bit of back and forth punching with Sadie managing to take control. She seems dazed but still rips Skye’s shirt and continues fighting through any injuries she’s occurred!! Skye then rips Sadie’s shirt even more, exposing her bare breast for bare knuckled fighting! The two punch each other until they start circling, trying to catch a breath. Sadie gets a number of punches to Skye’s face, leaving her looking ridiculously battered! Sadie takes full advantage of her wreaked victim and continues the barrage of bare knuckle boxing on this weakling... somehow... Skye comes back! She gives Sadie a row of punches causing Sadie to wobble around and look dazed... then beats the living snot of her! Skye even brings out a special warehouse surprise to finish off this hellish beatdown! This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes boxing, female fighting, bare knuckle fight, bare knuckle boxing, catfight, female domination, belly punching, and domination.

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