Cali Logan - GoGo Dreams


Cali Logan - GoGo Dreams
Cali Logan, the hottest GoGo dancer around, wants to give you a PRIVATE dance. You meet her at the Club White Space, and she’s already dancing on a white cube in the VIP lounge. You catch Cali’s gaze over her shoulder and admire her sexy ass. She stands up, dancing to the music, waving her perfect ass right in your face. Cali is wearing a sparkling gold and black string bikini with black strappy heels. You can’t wait to see her dance for you up close and personal. Cali waves her hips in the air and sensually strokes her body. You love every second of watching Cali dance that soon you become entrance—you can’t take your eyes off her. She dances hard to the classic rock song that’s playing, bending her knees and bending over so that could see deeper down the crotch of her bikini. GoGo dancing has always been a turn on for you, and she’s going to love private dancing for you all night. Dance 1 is over. Time for Dance 2, and Dance 3, and Dance 4... she’s going to dance all of your money into her pocket tonight! Next thing you know, she strips off her sting bikini bottoms... into just a g-string... even better! Cali is the girl of your GoGo dreams! This clip runs 10.5 minutes long with dancing, exotic dancing, strip tease, string bikini, g-string, bellybutton, heels, stripper, stripping, and sensual touching.

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high heels striptease sensual belly button fetish