Cali Logan - Growing the Bimbo Harem


Cali Logan - Growing the Bimbo Harem
Cali Logan creeps in, and searches through Nyssa Never’s desk. Little does she know, Nyssa has crept up on her and sprayed something very enticing into the air. Such a lovely scent for seduction... and for bimbo transformation. Cali Logan is dress in a nerdy, conversation way, but that sure is about to change. Nyssa sprays some more of her perfume and Cali is already transforming into a bimbo slut. Nyssa rubs her giant boobs and uses her sexy voice to continue to lure in Cali, to entrance her into the slutty bimbo ways. Nyssa takes off Cali’s glasses, and releases Cali’s hair from a tight bun. There, doesn’t that feel better to let go a little bit? Nyssa runs her nails through Cali’s hair and Cali slowly falls further and further into the bimbo trap. Nyssa thinks Cali will be the perfect bimbo, and encourages the bimbo out of Cali with her alluring, seductive voice. The next addition to the bimbo harem. Cali is completely mesmerized under Nyssa’s slutty bimbo spell. Nyssa gives Cali a long, sensual kiss, and when Cali opens her eyes, she’s wearing bimbo eyeshadow and lipstick. Nyssa isn’t done yet—Nyssa slowly smothers Cali’s face into her boobs, and when Cali emerges, she looks just like Nyssa. Cali’s now has long blond hair, bimbo makeup, red slutty nails, and cleavage showing under a high cute thigh slit dress. Cali’s new job as a newly converted bimbo member, is to find other ladies to turn into bimbo slaves for the harem. For all of eternity. This clip runs 15 minutes long with transformation fetish/fantasies, female training, women following orders, magic control, mesmerize.

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