Cali Logan - Hand over Mouth Foreplay


Cali Logan - Hand over Mouth Foreplay
Nyssa Nevers and Cali Logan are sitting around gabbing about their sex lives when Cali admits that her boyfriend put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet... and it turned her on. She asks Nyssa if that’s ever had that happen with one her boyfriends, and said that she did before when she was too loud! Both ladies giggle about how fun it was to get dominated! They decide that they have a kinky hand over mouth fetish! Cali talks about loving when the hand over mouth is really tight so she can't talk at all! Nyssa talks about loving how big her boyfriend’s hand was over her mouth... then Cali questions what a small hand would feel like! She immediately tests this idea by putting her tiny hand over Nyssa’s mouth. Nyssa mumbles through the HOM that her small hand is still sexy.. and Cali can barely understand her! That’s kind of the point, right? Cali and Nyssa go back and forth testing their hands over each other’s mouths. Cali moans through Nyssa’s hand and tests how loud she is while being covered. Then Cali gets behind Nyssa and tests her hand over mouth covering from behind to see if she can do it tighter and harder. They switch and both gals say that its so sexy from the behind too! The gals get so turned on! This hand over mouth session has become such strong foreplay, that both ladies find themselves all over one another admiring each other’s hands and mouths! This clip runs 15 minutes long with hand fetish, hand over mouth fetish, HOM, POV hand over mouth, and sensual domination.

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