Cali Logan - Post Show Triggers


Cali Logan - Post Show Triggers
Nikki Brookes walks in super excited with the bored-as-fuck, Vonka Romanov. They just got back from a magic show and Vonka thought it was super lame. She complains about how fake it all was as Nikki continues to be excited! But then all the sudden... Nikki starts acting like... a man?? She spreads her legs wide and scratches her crotch like she has balls!! Vonka is flabbergasted!! Now Nikki is going on about BALLS! Vonka cannot figure what has happened in the past two minutes, but Nikki is whole new person! Suddenly, out of nowhere, Nikki changes back to her normal, girly self!! Then all of the sudden Vonka changes too!! Now Vonka’s normal voice sounds like a girl and she’s having a tantrum! Apparently, Nikki doesn’t want to do anything Vonka ever wants to do! Vonka is so annoyed and frustrated that her tantrum continues on to her jumping up and down on the couch! Nikki yells at her, and the two are clearly having some post show transformation magic left in them! Back and forth they have a tantrum at each other! But once again, the whole scene changes for no reason it seems! Vonka goes back to her normal self and Nikki argues with her... until Nikki starts to HIT ON Vonka in the middle of their argument! Nikki flirtatiously spanks Vonka!! She starts to talk about beverages then mentions “apple juice”... that turns Vonka into a girl all over again!! How long could this back and forth trigger game go?? Nikki is man, Vonka is a herself, Nikki is a woman, vonka is a girl... Nikki is herself? So many transfer trigger words!! This clip runs 15.5 minutes long with transformation fantasies, transfer fetish, role play, humor, magic, and transformation.

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