Cali Logan - Presentation Preperation


Cali Logan - Presentation Preperation
Cadence Lux is in a rush to finish up a presentation when Jamie Daniels comes in to nervously nit pick! Their presentation together has to be perfect!! Jamie is so utterly nervous about the whole thing that she wants to go over every little part. As she goes on about her the spring fashion line, she nervously UNBUTTONS her blouse and takes off her blouse completely!! Her huge gushy tits bounce around in the open and Jamie doesn’t even notice! Soon after that, Cadence starts unbuttoning her blouse too!! Then she also takes off her blouse! Cadence and Jamie are so immersed in their presentation preparation that they don’t even notice that they’re nervously stripping off their clothes!! Not before long, Jamie slips off her skirt... then Cadence... and now they’re both just hanging out in their lingerie and pantyhose! How could these ladies not notice their stripping behavior?! Oop! Now Jamie’s tits are nakedly out! Slowly, Jamies and then Cadence slip off the rest of their little lacey clothes as they talk about their fashion line. Cadence references their slideshow and finds that she’s still little sweaty (even though she’s basically naked!)—maybe it’s stage fright! There’s a full house out there waiting to see their fashion line! Every ticket was sold! Both ladies decide that they have perfected their presentation, and are ready for the show to start in just a few minutes!!! Will they notice that they’re naked?? (Yes they will!—and they are totally confused and mortified!! Where did their clothes go??!) This clip runs 11 minutes long and includes enf, embarrassmed naked female, embarrassment, humor, public nudity, and public humiliation.

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