Cali Logan - Remote Controlled Cali


Cali Logan - Remote Controlled Cali
Cali Logan walks in looking for anyone... but no one is home. She walks in the living room and there no one there, just a bunch of stuff thrown around. Cali is clearly annoyed, and picks up a large remote that she doesn’t recognize. She starts pushing on the buttons randomly, and nothing seems to happen. She pushes other buttons harder then throws the remote to the ground. Nothing appears to happen, but Cali starts to taking off her jacket for some reason... then Cali starts to feel woozy... and some strange reason Cali hands starts to take off her shirt.... Good thing no one is home!! Even though Cali is completely overwhelmed with confusion, she still continues pulling up her shirt! She’s showing off her entire bra, and can’t seem to do anything to stop! Her hands rip off her shirt!! Cali is so upset! Suddenly, Cali’s hand takes off her shoe.. and Cali is so upset at her hand, but it does nothing to stop her from stripping off her clothes down to her bra and panties!! She sits down, robot-like, and says, “Fuck me, Master...” Suddenly, Cali SLAPS her own face trying to snap out of the trance! But she goes back to sexily talking to her invisible master... talking about how she’s a mindless little sex doll, as she slips off her bra slaps. Cali’s pissed off persona occasionally breaks through the living doll robot demeanor, but not for long. “How would you like to play with me today??” Cali slips off her bra, but the real Cali becomes conscious! She fights her hands! The bra is on... its off... its on... its off!! “How may I please my Master? I’m perfect for oral...” Cali opens her mouth wide, while simultaneously looking completely confused as to why she’s acting this way! She snaps out of it! This must be voodoo... but still she starts to slip off her panties... she catches herself again until her skin starts to harden!!! But the living doll continues... “Fuck me Master... I am here for your pleasure...” This clip runs 10 minutes long with female training, real doll, doll, robot, magic control, women following orders, trance, slave, slave training, mesmerize

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