Cali Logan - Static Interference


Cali Logan - Static Interference
Vonka Romanov, the sound check gal on set today, talks over her headset to complain about how the boss lady is firing half the department! Vonka starts to laugh as her coworkers joke about getting the boss back for all the flack she gives—but Vonka is determined to get revenge on Mrs. Jackie Stevens. Vonka walks Jackie in and does a sound check for the LIVE broadcast. Test #1! Jackie gives her spiel, but Vonka stops her—there some kind of sound interference! Snap snap! There’s something messing with the mic. Vonka then politely reaches up Jackie’s skirt and pulls down Jackie’s panties to her below the knee!! Vonka claims that they’re only shooting from the waist up so Jackie won’t even have to worry about her panties just hanging there. Jackie surprisingly just goes with it and gives her spiel for Test #2—wait! There’s more sound interference!! This time Vonka strips Jackie’s blouse to completely reveal Jackie’s bra and cleavage. Vonka continuously claims that something is still interfering with the mic! Test #3 leaves Mrs. Jackie Stevens without a blouse completely! Vonka is nice enough to give back the jacket. Jackie tries her best to keep her composure despite being blouse-less and her panties are still around her thighs! There’s STILL a sound feedback issue! Snap snap snap! Check! Jackie does her best to cover up, but after Test #4, Test #4, and Test #5, Vonka has stripped Jackie completely naked! Okay! Now we’re ready LIVE! 1...2...3... Action! This clip runs 12.5 minutes long and includes embarrassed naked female, ENF, humor, stripping, nude, humiliation, embarrassment, public nudity, and public humiliation.

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