Cali Logan - Swindler Squasher


Cali Logan - Swindler Squasher
Katarina Domina counts her money when she realizes that Cali Logan short changed her for wrestling session with a client! The two fight about it when Cali just tries to walk away, but Katarina is SO pissed! She grabs Cali by the head and squeezes her until Cali’s eyes are rolling. Cali babbles and whines about the pain, but Katarina just lays it on even more! Katarina uses her her full paw over Cali’s face as she squeezes Cali’s neck with a harsh figure four! Cali begs to be let go, but this swindler is getting SQUASHED! Katarina keeps up the punishment since Cali cheated a friend. Katarina switches figure four holds and Cali cries even more—her head is about to pop off! After an excessively long time getting pulverized, Katarina throws Cali into an over-the-knee back breaker with a throat lock! Cali is so weak that she can’t even fight back through this domination. Katarina doesn’t take kindly to thieves!! Cali is going to o have to work for this loss of a $100. Katarina wants her moneys worth, so she keeps up with Cali’s punishment to teach her a lesson! Katarina throws Cali to the floor and shoves her face into the two hundred dollar bills like a dog! Katarina goes back to squashing the Cali the Weakling between her massive giant hands. As if that were the end... Katarina wants to humiliate Cali too. This big crybaby is going to get a nice, long, harsh spanking punishment until she apologizes—and begs for freedom... NOPE! This clip runs 18.5 minutes long and includes female fighting, female wrestling, female domination, spanking and squashing.

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