Cali Logan - Ultrgirl Powerless Against Sahrye


Cali Logan - Ultrgirl Powerless Against Sahrye
Sahrye KC here, Live to interview superheroine Ultragirl, aka Cali Logan. Sahrye is here today to find out more about the different programs Ultragirl is providing to the community and civilizations. Some one-on-one time. Ultragirl wants to teach the different tactics that her team uses to defend against the bad guys. A self defense class! Sahrye volunteers herself for demonstration!! Sahrye leaves to get changed, and Ultragirl goes to the mat room! First, Ultragirl removes her super boots, pro-tip: no pointy objects in practice. Then Sahrye walks in wearing only sports bra and a thong bikini, and Ultragirl is abosolutely smitten! Sahrye flexes her muscles, and tries to humbly show off her sexy bod. Cali can barely stay focused on anything but Sahrye’s beautiful body. Sahrye introduces the show and is ready for to learn the first defense tactic. First thing is first, the trusty bearhug! Ultragirl runs up to Sahrye, and Sahrye just picks Ultragirl right up and squeezes the little life out of her! Ultragirl is so into feeling weak that she sexily crumbles to the floor. That leads to Sahrye moving onto the next tactic demonstration, the body scissorhold. Ultragirl’s teenie tiny little body squeezes between Sahrye’s thick, strong thighs. Cali sensually struggles between Sahrye’s thighs and just weakens there like a sexy damsel in distress. Sahrye then demonstrates a grapevine, spreading Ultragirl’s legs wide apart! Ultragirl must be really distracted because she’s not getting free of Sahrye’s attacks at all. A nice breast cover seems to be the next tactic. And a facesit. P00r Ultragirl, she must be fully mesmerized now. Sahrye is willing to take more though, a body scissorhold with a sleeperhold around Ultragirl’s neck. A sensual struggle pursues. Sahrye’s muscles are so strong that Ultragirl can’t even fight, so Sahrye just lets her struggle... now a hand over mouth coverfor Ultragirl. Then a sensual thrust into a camel clutch. Sahrye keeps up the demonstration by stretching out Ultragirl’s back with a backbreaker. Sahrye finds even more humilating ways to take over Ultragirl though... she loses to an arm wrestling match... and of course the muscle comparisons test. Time for a muscle worship, Ultragirl. Kiss up. Try not to fall deeper into that trance, weak girl. This 31min minute clip includes superheroines, female fighting, wrestling, muscle worship, sleeperhold, scissorholds, camel clutch, hand over mouth cover, facesit, breast cover, grapevine, cosplay, costumes, struggling, forgasm, trance, and sensual domination.

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