Cali Logan - Wife's Revenge Boot Dom Story


Cali Logan - Wife's Revenge Boot Dom Story
Cali Logan, your wife, welcomes you home. She’s wearing a sexy dress and boots, but this isn’t for your pleasure—but rather for Cali’s revenge. Apparently, you left your emails open on the home computer while you went on your “weekend work trip.” Very careless of you. Cali found all about that little girlfriend of yours. She’s barely old enough to go to college! Cali can’t believe you would cheat on someone as sexy as Cali. Cali starts to show off her sexy dress and waves her boot in your face. You really had it made with Cali, but this may be the last look you ever get of her. Cali was sneaky enough to email your little girlfriend while pretending to be you, and she set up a meeting. All because you were the dumb ass that didn’t log out of his email. Cali has got your dumb little slut all figured out too. Cali invited her to fancy lunch, luring her in with an expensive gift, to confronted her. HA! Your side chick was ready to piss her tight pants getting confronted by such a sexy, dominate woman. Cali realized this whole scene can look exactly how she wants it to. So Cali invited your girlfriend up to her hotel room above the restaurant in hopes to “talk” with her further. But your girlfriend was so scared of what Cali would do... that Cali decided to take full advantage of her. Cali absolutely loved seeing this young blond bombshell on her knees—kissing her boots. That girl really needed to be put in her place. Cali demanded that she pucker up her pretty lips... and she complied. She was so nervous of Cali that she kissed all the way to down the legs, the toes and the heels of BOTH of her heels. Your girlfriend then gave big doey eyes at the next demand—but she did it—she licked every inch of those boots with her dirty little tongue. She even licked the filthy soles. She got really into it even and sucked Cali’s boot heel like it were your cock. They both got so turned on that she’s Cali’s little boot slave now—your girlfriend is done with you. Wife’s revenge. This clip runs 13.5 minutes long with boot domination, FEMDOM POV, boot worship, female domination, leather boot fetish, sole licking, and revenge.

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