Cali Logan - Wishful Thinking w/ Cali, Vonka & Aria


Cali Logan - Wishful Thinking w/ Cali, Vonka & Aria
Cali is working at a desk, suddenly her boss Aria bursts in and gives her an earful for filling out the paper work improperly. Vonka watches on awkwardly in the doorway as Cali gets berated by Aria. Afterwards Cali takes a deep breath, shakes it off, and then gets back to work. Vonka offers Cali some sympathy saying she didn't deserve that and that Aria is way too high strung. Cali picks something up on her desk and Vonka asks what it is, Cali mentions its a souvenir from her vacation a while ago. The "myth" of it is it grants wishes. Vonka asks what Cali would wish for, and Cali's response is for Aria to feel as "helpless" and "embarrassed" as she made Cali feel. Next scene Aria is giving Cali and Vonka a presentation, when Aria asks everyone to "sit down and pay attention to me" her clothes immediately vanish. Cali and Vonka are shocked, Aria is distraught and humiliated covering herself and keeping her hands "glued" to her body. Vonka and Cali can't help but laugh at Aria's embarrassing misfortune, Aria quickly makes a beeline out of the room and away from prying eyes. Cali can't explain what just happened but Vonka suspects that the talisman is more REAL than either of them believed. Cali returns to her desk and drops the talisman in the process. Vonka picks the talisman off the ground she snatches it up and holds it and gives it a thorough examination. She looks around curious, and thinks to herself silently and then smirks just a little. Vonka's says to herself "I hope this really does work, I would love to see Cali undressed." Cali is back at her desk laughing uncontrolably until Cali's clothes disappear too. She gets up and realizes all but her underwear has vanished. She looks helplessly for her clothes, but can't find them and then finally her underwear disappears too leaving her completely nude. Cali covers herself desparately. When Vonka walks back into the room she's thrilled to see Cali in her undressed state. Cali pleads with Vonka, "Quick! Wish for my clothes to be back!" Vonka responds. I have a better wish. Cali is magically restrained with bondage gear unable to move or speak because of the ball gag in her mouth. Cali is left to the lustful mischief of Vonka, who wishes herself down to her underwear. She plays with Cali's hair, strokes her bare skin and breasts, even runs her tounge over her nipples. The final stroke of humiliation is Vonka wishes for the talisman to give Cali an powerful orgasm. This clip runs 15 minutes and includes enf, magic control, made to strip, orgasms, bondage, ball gag, gag talk.

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bondage imposed stripping embarrassed naked female imposed orgasms magic control