Divinely - Little Sister Masturbates For You POV


Divinely - Little Sister Masturbates For You POV
Disclaimer: This video is entirely Roleplay. It is fiction and the model's participating are acting in fantasy. This is a POV Video. You are my big brother, having lewd thoughts. You are feeling horny, sitting across the room from me. You keep taking glances at me, then stroking your cock through your jeans. Eventually you approach me and immediately start to irritate me. I tell you I'm going to my room and to leave me alone! Of course, you follow me up to my room. Big brother's should know better than to burst into their little sister's room. You do exactly that and find me masturbating! After some shock and awkwardness you convince me to let you stay to watch me finish my masturbation session. You end up looking all over my body as I touch myself, you can't contain yourself any longer and decide to free your raging hard-on from your pants. At the climax of the video, as your little sister is fucking herself with her dildo, you lose control and blow your load all over her pussy. You better not tell anyone about this! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: small tits ♡ pierced nipples ♡ alternative ♡ tattooed girl ♡ tattoos ♡ piercings ♡ pierced girl ♡ dyed hair ♡ black hair ♡ small girl ♡ amateur ♡ roleplay ♡ rp ♡ POV ♡ sister ♡ brother ♡ step sis ♡ little sis ♡ taboo ♡ family ♡ masturbation ♡ dildo ♡ clear dildo ♡ cumshot ♡ cum on pussy ♡

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