EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux college girl strip


EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux college girl strip
Anastasia has been a naughty student. She is in trouble and waiting for the headmaster to arrive. She is in her college uniform. She's worried yet finds the teacher hot. She thinks about the things she's like to do to him. She opens her legs and starts rubbing her hand over her white panties. She brushes her hands along her inner thighs and caresses her panties. With her other hand she is rubbing her nipple through her top. Her rubbing gets more vigorous and she's getting turned on. She's getting turned on and let you know about it. Her hands slides inside her panties. She moans and groans as she starts rubbing her pussy. Her hand moving faster inside her pants. Frigging her pussy and clit. Her legs jiggle with the motion. She stands up to remove her panties. She turns around pushing her ass into your face as she pulls down her panties over the thick ass and thighs. She knows what you want to see. She starts rubbing her pussy from behind whilst kneeling on the chair. She spanks her ass cheeks playfully and pushes out her ass into the camera. You get to see her pussy lips. She turns around and sits back down on the chair. Anastasia removes her panties over her high heels and uses them to rub against her pussy and then swaps to her hand. She opens her legs to reveal her big pussy. She licks her fingers and runs them up and down her pussy lips. She pushes her finger into her pussy and starts to pump it in and out. Stopping to lick her wet fingers. She continues to play with herself as she waits for the headmaster to arrive. We get in close with the camera to look at her pussy and then pan up to her face. She rubs hard against her pussy, groaning and moaning as she does. Her tits jiggle in her tunic as she continues to rub her pussy. We leave her playing with herself and groaning and you can wonder what happens next. This was shot with two cameras, a close up and a medium wide, we swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. Anastasia remains clothed apart from removing her knickers and showing her pussy

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