EroticaBabes - Charley Green playful in the surgery


EroticaBabes - Charley Green playful in the surgery
This was shot a while ago with Charley. She is waiting in the surgery for the doctor, she is nude and laying under a towel. She starts to look around and there's a trolley with medical things on it. A pressure monitor, some clamps, bandages and other medical things. She moves her position to sit on the side of the bed and decides to try out the pressure machine. Her towel falls away as she tests her pressure with the cuff, you can hear the machine beep as it works. She then picks up some clamps, and wonders what to do with the. She thinks they may be great on her boobs, she looks round to check no-one is about and tries them on her boobs. Then it's the Wartburg wheel, the pins make a great feeling on her skin. Again she checks that no-one is coming. Oooh there's an oxygen mask, she tries that on. Bandages, let's unwrap one of those and try it out. She unrolls is and starts to wrap it around her stomach, wrapping it around and moving up to her boobs, she soon runs out of bandage. She then decides to try out some bondage on her wrists, and then on her boobs. There are two camera angles here, a close up camera and a wider viewpoint. We swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. Charley stands up for a bit and puts the bandage between her legs and around her boobs. Then she moves back to the couch and continues to play with the bandage. Wrapping it around her wrists and getting into bondage. Then she ties up her ankles. I hope no-one comes in as she's doing this! Mission accomplished, she has another bandage with the binds her wrists together this. Marvellous, she ties the knot with her teeth and tightens the binds around her wrists. She reclines on the couch and feels very pleased with her efforts. Still no doctor. Just in case they turn up she covers her boobs and pussy and that's where we leave her

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