EroticaBabes - Charley Green spanking nun


EroticaBabes - Charley Green spanking nun
Charley Green is not happy with the strict rules and restrictions placed on her in the convent. It's her day off, and she wants to get dirty. She is nude under her nun's outfit. She starts to spank her ass and plays with her pussy and boobs. Running her hands over her body. She talk dirty to you as she does this, telling you what she wants. She turns around and shakes her add, and teases her cheeks. There's some slow motion sequences in here so you get to see her ass wobble and jiggle as she plays with it. The its back to more spanking, she swaps from cheek to cheek. Again there's slow motion sequences here. She wobbles her thighs and spanks her ass, a wonderful sound and sight. We swap between a medium wide and close up view so you get to see Charley in all her glory, both close up and with a wider shot. The audio is great, you get to hear the spanks as she lays her hand onto her ass. The slow motion sequences that are through the whole video give an brilliant view of her flesh as it moves and wobbles with her spanking and playing. She plays with her ass cheeks, pulling them up with her hand and then spanking each cheek in turn. She's a naughty nun! Charley raises one leg on the chair and we get to see her thick thighs wobble and jiggle. She then sits on the chair, opens her legs wide and runs her fingers lightly over her pussy. Caressing her body with her hands we fade to black and leave her to do her thing! I wonder if Mother Superior drops in

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