EroticaBabes - Denise Davies big boobs


EroticaBabes - Denise Davies big boobs
Love Denise's massive natural tits. In this video it's all about the boobs. She starts in the cleavage busting lingerie top which she soon pulls her boobs out from in the first minute. Once they are free she wobbles and jiggles them. Dressed on in knickers, Denise spends the whole video rubbing, squeezing, shaking, wobbling and bouncing her boobs. We get in close as well as a medium wide angle, so you don't miss out. This was shot a while ago, so we've pulled it from the archives. There's some slow motion sequences in there were Denise swings her tits and bounces them. You see those big tits and massive nipples bouncing about in your face. She does some boob drops which ripple through her body when her boob flesh hits her torso. It's a wonderful sight. She bends forwards and does some more boobs drops, you get to see her boobs gently settle as they come back to the resting position. Denise knows how to play with her tits, she kneads them, does booby drops, squeezes, shakes and wobbles them. Most of the scene is close up with just Denise's boobs filling the screen. At 05:52 we swap to a low camera position looking up at Denise as she bends over us, she continues to play with her tits, pulling her nipples and letting her tits go. Slapping them together getting some nice slapping sounds too. Rubbing those large hard nipples. She has wonderful tits, you can see why she remains a very popular big boobed model. Denise stays quiet throughout the video, the only sound is the occasional moan and groan, and the tit on tit flesh making contact. You will see her nipples getting harder and erect over the duration of the video. They were large to start with, but they get bigger and firmer as the video gets towards the end. At 09:27 Denise sits on a small wooden chair. We get in low and close on her as she carries on playing with her boobs. We let her do her own thing here, giving her in instruction to play with your boobs. If you love big natural boobs and the sound of boob flesh smacking against boob flesh then there's some super short sections in this end sequence when she is sitting down. Denise smiles at you frequently throughout the duration of the video, and you can tell she knows that you are getting turned on and hot. She knows boys and girls just love her big boobs

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