EroticaBabes - Harmony Reigns strip jiggle


EroticaBabes - Harmony Reigns strip jiggle
We join Harmony as she walks into the scene. She is wearing high heels, stockings and a blue bra and panties. Boy does she look hot. It's your lucky day as she is going to strip for you! She bends over and pushes her ass in your face, wiggling and jiggling it. There are two camera angles in this scene, a close up and a wide shot. We swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. Harmony gives plenty of eye contact as she poses and moves between poses and positions. That ass of hers is a peach, she jiggles it and places her hands to pull apart her ass cheeks. She sits down and starts to caress her tits, leaning back into the chair to show her body, you don't know where to look. She plays her hands up her legs and the moves to unclip her bra. She bounces her boobs and then removes the straps allowing her boobs to break free. Love her big juggs. She squeezes them and then stands up and turns around to sit with her back to you and her ass hanging off the chair. She starts to wobble and twerk her ass cheeks. She returns to the facing position on the chair and removes her shoes, she then rolls down her stockings, we get in close and see them being rolled down her legs, one-by-one. Standing up after this she does some more booty wobbling, which we see in slow motion. She has a great ass. Harmony then turns her attention to her knickers and pulls them down. Now fully nude she shows her shaven pussy and runs her hands over her body. She plays again with her ass, grabbing it and jiggling it. She sits back down, we take one final look over her body and the scene ends

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