EroticaBabes - Jade Samantha butt Jade


EroticaBabes - Jade Samantha butt Jade
Jade Samantha is nude in this scene and we start up close on her ass. We swap between two camera angles, a real close up on her ass, and a slightly further away shot, but still looking mainly at her ass. She rotates and swings her ass about. Grabbing and spreading her cheeks and wobbling them. She pulls her cheeks up and lets them drop back down through her fingers leaving temporary marks on her skin from the pressure. It's a real close up ass worship session. There's no talking and very little sound here. We get lower down on the camera angle and you get to see Jade's pussy and asshole as she pulls her cheeks aside. She gives her ass a playful spank and continues to spread her ass. She does some ass drops and plays with her cheeks. You can see the imprints her fingers leave as she squeezes and lets her ass cheeks drop through her fingers. She rotates her ass slowly from side to side and then spanks it. We show you this in slow motion so you get to see her cheeks wobble and jiggle as she spanks herself and pulls on her butt. This video is a ass worshipers dream. It's all butt, close up and personal. Jade goes through a range of actions from tapping and playfully spanking her ass to spreading and pulling up on her cheeks and letting them drop. We have 2 camera angles and you swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. There's a mixture of slow motion and normal sp33d sections. The low angle looking up is perfect for imaging you are sitting on a chair and Jade is standing with her ass in your face as you watch her. At 08:09 mm:ss we slowly pan up Jade's body to see her face! The first time in the video. She returns eye contact and carries on spanking her ass in a playful way. She knows you are turned on. We head back down to her ass with the camera. She parts her ass cheek to show her crack. More playful spanking and caressing of her ass. She has a great ass. Some slow motion sequences of her spanking her ass. Look at that wobble as she spanks herself. Jade repositioned her feet to spread her legs a little more, this gives you a better view of her pussy. More slow motion as Jade spreads her ass cheeks to reveal her hot little pussy and asshole. She squeezes her butt and playfully taps it with the tips of her fingers. She does some more slow side to side rotations. At 12:20 mm:ss we slowly pan up to Jade's boobs and face. She continues to pat her ass as she gives you eye contact. Her boobs jiggle and wobble as she spanks. We pan back down to her ass as she pats herself some more. A final ass spread with both hands and that's where we leave Jade and her gorgeous ass

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