EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue tights on


EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue tights on
Sapphire Blue is sorting through a range of Wolford fashion tights and stockings. She has quite a collection to choose from. Just as well as it's raining heavily outside and she needs something to keep her occupied. She is nude and on her bed as she looks through her collection. She chooses a pair and rubs them around her body feeling the soft material against her skin. Her big natural boobs get some special attention. She licks the material, and then starts to put the tights on. Firstly by running her hand down the inside of one of the legs and gathering up the toe area. Then she slips that over her foot and pulls the material slowly up her leg. She savours the feeling of the material on her leg. She repeats the process with the other leg. Now both feet are in the stockings and she pulls the waist band up her thighs and over her bottom. The material is sheet so you can see everything through the material. Slow and sensual. On all fours Sapphire sticks her ass up in the air so you can clearly see her pussy through the fabric. Her big tits hang down as she is on all fours, she's loving the feeling of the fabric on her body. She slides her hand under the material next to her skin and loves the feeling. She rubs her feet together and drops down onto the bed from all fours. She rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs open, you get so see her pussy through the fabric and she again runs her hand down her legs and pussy underneath the material. She pushes one finger into her pussy and moans at the feeling and sensation. She writhes about caught up in the moment. We get some great views of her body as she moves about and enjoys the moment. Finally, she kneels at 14:30 MM:SS and pulls the waist band of the stocking back over her ass. The camera is pointing straight towards her ass so you get so see this motion. Then she rolls over and sits on the bed as she rolls the tights down her legs. It's at this point that we leave her. This was shot in HD with 2 HD DSLR cameras, we swap between the close up and wider viewpoints throughout the duration of the video. The video is HD 1080p.

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