EroticaBabes - Sapphire mirror dildo


EroticaBabes - Sapphire mirror dildo
Sapphire is kneeling on the bed in a lingerie set, pants and bra. She has a large mirror laying down on the bed. She starts by undressing and removing her bra to show off her large natural boobs. Her bra is off by 01:53 MM:SS. She plays with her tits, massaging them and bouncing them with her hands and arms. They look fabulous as she shimmies them letting them wobble and jiggle. She leans forwards on all fours and shakes her tits from side to side. We show you this in slow motion too, getting in close so you can really see those juggs wobble and bounce. Then Sapphire turns her attention to the mirror and still on all fours rubs her tits over the mirror. We get to see reflected boobs and real boobs too - double boobs. We get in close with the camera so you get a great view. We cut back to a medium wide shot with Sapphire kneeling and starting to play wit her panties. She teases us with them, turns around to show her ass as she removes her knickers. Now completely nude by 05:30 MM:SS. She picks up a suction dildo and runs it around her body. Teasing her boobs as she does. Then she sticks the toy on the corner of the mirror and gets back onto all fours and dangles her tits over the toy. Squeezing her boobs together to give the toy a tit wank. We swap between close up and medium wide shots throughout the video. We then cut to Sapphire mounting the toy and pushing it into her pussy. She starts to ride the toy and you can see the reflection and the real Sapphire. She rides slowly up and down the toy, it's not the most comfortable position as she has to straddle the sides of the mirror. She decides to change position and sit on the toy reverse cowgirl style. This position works much better and she soon builds up a rhythm and hangs onto the headboard as she moans and groans and bounces up and down on the toy. We get in close up and show you the toy in her pussy, as well as seeing medium wide shots too. It's great to see her cute ass bouncing up and down on the toy and choosing between the mirror view or real view. We change the camera position so you get to see those hot tits of her bounce and jiggle as she builds up momentum. The bed is creaking and bouncing up and down in time with her movements. Those tits are mesmerising as they bounce. Sapphire swaps position and we get a great view of her pussy as she bounces you can image laying under her as she bounces. She grabs onto the headboard with one hand as she sp33ds up into a noisy orgasm, she's very vocal! Then she is spent, out of breath and loving the come down . She kneads her tits and we leave her to the aftermath of her orgasm.

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