EroticaBabes - Tallulah huge black ribbed dildo


EroticaBabes - Tallulah huge black ribbed dildo
We give Tallulah a large black ribbed dildo to play with, it's huge! Some 4 inches in diameter. Tallulah is a dirty bitch and her eyes lit up when we showed it to her. She is laying on the bed with no knickers on and wastes no time picking up the toy and pushing it into her pussy. By 1:25 MM:SS is it inside her! You can see how large the toy is as it stretches her pussy, she pulls it out and her pussy slowly gapes and then closes back to normal. In the toy goes again, and we get a great close up view of her pussy and the toy. She has her legs around her ears and is on her back so you get a great view of her pussy and anus. She flexes her asshole as she inserts the toy into her wet pussy. She inserts the toy and rubs her clit, she pushes down on the top of the toy with both hands. Giving a wide gape when she removes the toy. Oh she is so hot and horny by this point. At 04:40 MM:SS Tallulah lays onto her side with her ass facing the camera. She slides the big black toy inside her pussy and we get a super close up view of it sliding in and out. She tries to fit it into her amount and somehow manages to take the girth of this toy. We were impressed. Then it heads back down to her pussy. She rubs her clit with the toy inserted. She bends it over and starts to pull is out, you can see her pussy bulge as the toy comes out. Tallulah swaps to a reverse cowboy pose and straddles the toy taking it as deep as she can.

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