EroticaBabes - Victoria Summers slow bounce


EroticaBabes - Victoria Summers slow bounce
We get Victoria Summers on our small trampoline, she is nude from the start, just how we like it. We ask her to bounce and wobble her boobs and ass as she bounces up and down. This was filmed with 2 DSLR cameras 1 medium wide framed and one closer in. There are slow motion sequences too so you get to really see Victoria's boobs, thighs and ass as she exercises. Love that wobble. She has a large bruise on her ass which she got from her horse when it bit her! LOL even her horse loves her ass. Victoria enjoys this and she gets to look in the studio mirrors as she bounces, models do love to look at themselves as much as we like to look at them too.

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big boobs exercise bouncing boobs workout/gym slow motion