hazelsimone - Girlfriend Exposes Your Taboo Mom Kink


hazelsimone - Girlfriend Exposes Your Taboo Mom Kink
You and your girlfriend are staying at your parents' house over the weekend, and she comes into the bedroom wearing a tank top and shorts that you immediately recognize as belonging to your mom. She models them for you "they're cute right? I bet it's hard having your mom walk around in sexy little outfits like this..." you deny ever seeing your mom like that, and your girlfriend giggles and continues to tease you while she shows off her body in your mom's clothes. "I've heard it's really common... guys having 'things' for their moms..." she grabs your cock and tells you that you can deny all you want but your hard-on is telling another story. As she slides it inside her pussy, she stops and leans in to whisper "do you hear that...? your parent's are having sex in the room next to us! Listen... wow, your mom seems to be enjoying herself..." she continues to fuck you, dirty talking and whispering in your ear. She tells you to imagine your mom's big tits bouncing in your face, and filling up her milf pussy. "You must be so jealous of your dad" she teases you before telling you to "cum in your mom's pussy" like you've always fantasized. At this point she removes the tank top and shoves it in her face telling you to smell your mom's tits while you cum. Tags: mother, mommy, mom, kink, cuck, taboo, girlfriend, pajama shorts, booty, ASMR, whispering, dirty talk, brunette, hazel simone

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