hazelsimone - Mommy Wants You to Fuck Your Sister


hazelsimone - Mommy Wants You to Fuck Your Sister
"Sweetie, mommy has a very special surprise for you... we're going to make your sister your little sex slave!" your mom calls your sister over and begins to give instructions. She obediently bends over and mommy lets you finger her and spank her ass. "How does that feel sweetie? Mommy's been wanting to train you two for a while" you're directed to start fucking *carefully* as mommy says your cock is almost too big for your sister's hole. Your little sister shrieks as you push yourself inside, but soon begs for her brother's cock "good girl you love your brother's cock don't you? Mommy's going to think about this when she touches herself later." You're told to work up a nice big load for mommy and blow it deep in your sister's tiny pussy. Mommy gives a countdown from 10 so you and your sister can cum at the same time.

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