hazelsimone - Punished by Daddy with Hairbrush Spanks


hazelsimone - Punished by Daddy with Hairbrush Spanks
You come home early from work to find your little girl touching herself to dirty pictures on the computer. Surprised and embarrassed, she slams the laptop shut and nervously acts like she was doing nothing. You question her until she admits it. She's obviously ashamed, and you tell her you need to punish her. You tell her to bend over and she pleads you not to spank her "I'm not wearing panties daddy." You don't care, and order her to grab the hairbrush sitting on the bedside table and spank herself HARD for you. Even harder, until her bare ass is a bright pink. She whimpers as she counts out 15 spanks on each cheek, begging you to stop and telling you sorry over and over again. Once she's finished you order her to show you exactly what she was doing before you came in. Horrified, she begs you not to humiliate her like this but you tell her this is how dirty little girls like her get punished. She pulls up her school uniform and begins to touch her clit. Though she's embarrassed, she can't help but moan as her fingers slide across her wet little pussy. You tell her to spank her pussy with the hairbrush and she obeys. It hurts her but it makes her even wetter. She rubs her pussy even faster, still humiliated but unable to stop herself. Finally, you tell her to stick the hairbrush handle into her wet teen pussy and fuck herself for you. She's never had anything inside her virgin hole before, but she does just as you say. She cums quickly, and tells you she's learned her lesson. Tags: hairbrush fucking, teen, virgin, hairbrush spanking, pussy spanks, counting spanks, punishment, humiliation, humiliated, embarrassed naked female, school uniform, girl, daddy's girl, taboo daddy roleplay, POV, kink, ankle socks, canadian girls, little girls, plaid skirt, long hair, brunette, caught watching porn, busted, first time, masturbation

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