kittenrawr - When Daddy Isnt Home


kittenrawr - When Daddy Isnt Home
i forgot to upload preview, itll be up in 24 hours.) I get so bored when Daddy leaves for the day. Daddy and i spend so much time together. He has started building a collection of sex toys for me that are forbidden of me to use until He says i can. I take advantage of the time i have alone to go through the chest and find two toys i really like. I use them to masturbate all while hoping that He doesn't come home and find me breaking the rules. I tell myself that He wouldn't catch me if i hurry and put them back where they were. Just as im getting done playing with myself, Daddy walks in, catches me, spanks me, cuffs me and sends me to kneel in the corner. That'll teach me a lesson to never disobey Daddy again

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