LadyToro - The Hungry New Girl Next Door - VORE


LadyToro - The Hungry New Girl Next Door - VORE
A beautiful new neighbor just moved in next to you so of course you can't resist offering to help her carry her stuff in when you see her struggling with some boxes. She invites you to sit and relax after you're all done, offering you some snacks. But as soon as you eat them, you shrink into a tiny man just a couple of inches tall! She laughs and tells you how hungry she is, and how she was planning on swallowing you whole the moment she realized you were a single man who lived by himself. She knows no one will miss you that's why she's decided to make a meal out of you! She describes what it's like to slide down her throat and be digested in her stomach, and let's you know she moved in to find some new victims to eat. She wastes no time picking you up and swallowing you whole, and as you digest in her stomach she leans back and rests after her meals, rubbing her bloated stomach and describing how full and satisfied she feels after swallowing you.

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brat girls sfw giantess vore belly fetish shrinking fetish