MessyCleo - Black & White


MessyCleo - Black & White
Cleo is doing a slow, sensual striptease. She starts by showing off her outfit and stroking her curves. She then removes her belt and tosses it aside. She teasingly pulls up her dress a little bit, showing some leg. Then she pulls the neck down a bit, to show her shoulders. But eventually, she grabs the bottom of her dress and pulls it off over her head. Underneath, she's wearing some nice lingerie, that she immediate shows off to you. Next, she teasingly opens up her bra and then shakes her boobs untill the bra falls away. She then sits down to show off her boobs some more, squeezing and massaging them. Finally, after some more wobbling and swaying, she waves goodbye to you.

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strip tease striptease big boobs black & white huge boobs