MessyCleo - J-Lube


MessyCleo - J-Lube
A lovely fan bought me a bottle of J-Lube and said I could do with it what I wished. So I mixed the powder with water to a thick stringy lube, six litres of the stuff. I then put on a nice sexy outfit with a spectacular cleavage and lay down on the bed. Once the camera gets rolling, the lube gets poured over me and I start rub the stringy gloop all over me. You can see me enjoy it fram different angels. Ofcourse I can't hold my big natural boobs inside so I do take them out to make sure that the are completely covered in the lube! (If you wonder what the black marks on them are, they were stained by my outfit/lube) This video has soft music over the sound as we ran into some technical issues with the sound.

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fishnets big boobs wet & messy huge boobs topless