MessyCleo - Lick my Feet


MessyCleo - Lick my Feet
Cleo is dressed in black pvc and high heels. Bob is wearing black trousers and a nice white dress shirt. She leads Bob into the room like the big puppy he is. Cleo then feels like having some dessert and has Bob massage her feet while she eats. But Cleo is of course very messy and she "accidentally" spills some of her dessert on her feet. She then makes Bob clean up the mess with his tongue. He does this so well, she spills some more. Untill her stockings are just to ruined to continue wearing them and makes Bob remove them. Cleo then has some more dessert while Bob messages her bare feet. Ofcourse she is still very messy and it isn't long before she spills dessert on her feet again. Bob knowns what to do by now and dilligently licks her feets clean. He does this so well that Cleo just has to spill some more. Bob is doing such a good job that Cleo decides to give Bob some of the dessert too. But of course she does so very messily. Because no dessert is complete without some whipped cream, she feeds Bob some of that too. Making him eat it from her bare legs, feet and toes. She then makes him lie on the floor so she can really give him his just desserts. She puts more dessert and whipped cream on him. She then rubs it all in with her feet, making him suck her toes from time to time. She totally ruins Bob's fancy white shirt, so she makes him rip it open. She then puts some more whipped cream on his body, making sure his torso is completely covered in mess. When all the dessert is gone she makes Bob get a bucket of goo. She makes him smell it, before putting her foot on the back of his head and pushing it into the bucket. She keeps him there for a nice long while before letting him come up for some air. After dunking his head in a second time, Cleo decides Bob isn't quite ruined enough. So she gets the bucket and pours all of the goo over his head. Cleo then steps aside to let Bob roll around in the mess on the floor, like the messy boy he is. This is one of our longer videos yet. Enjoy nearly 24 minutes of messy fun!

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