PrincessDiana - Forbidden desires of a nun


PrincessDiana - Forbidden desires of a nun
clip request:  You play the part of a dirty nun who goes completely against your vows. You’ve been assigned to become the head mistress of the college and all you see are these young men, young men who you lust for you. In this scene you’re wearing nun outfit, mature gray wig, glasses (make your self look very mature) white sheer pantyhose or stockings, strap sandals (able to see your pantyhose feet, no nail polish).  As part of your duties, you are responsible for dealing with conflicts in the school. A young man is sent to you, he was caught with pictures and journal of pantyhose feet and inappropriate stories or footjobs. You explain to him that this behavior is unacceptable, and you try to reason with him. You explain that these desires will go away with time and prayer. You are turned on by his appearance and as you read some of the things he’s written you visualize yourself doing these things to him. You begin to pray that he’ll get an erection and allow to take advantage of him. You start to rub your one of your strappy sandals on his crotch and ask if this is what he likes. You can tell he’s getting hard so you order him to stand up, you remove his pants, give it one good suck for good message and you allow him to fuck your pantyhose feet in your sandals. After a bit with his boner still between, he removes your sandals and continues to fuck your feet. Even removing his hands and you are aggressively giving him a footjob. You order him to sit down and you go over his shoulder with nice tight arches, you slowly work up and down from the base to the tip. As he nears orgasm you begin to go hard and fast as he cums all over your pantyhose feet. You explain to him that if he wants to continue to have these pictures and this journal the he is to come see you!

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