sloansmoans - mommy's reluctant lap dance


sloansmoans - mommy's reluctant lap dance
For "Greyson": You've been down and depressed lately, I can't stand seeing you this way anymore. I thought chaperoning at your school dance would be helpful, I thought we'd have fun. Instead here we are at home. You're sitting with your head down, embarrassed because not only was I the only girl you danced with, but you got a boner while we danced. I tell you that it's okay, natural even! Please don't be sad and embarrassed for this. All I want is for you to be happy. I notice that you are looking at my cleavage and I tell you that I dressed up especially for you, we can't let this night end this way. I have an idea to put on some music so we can dance together again. I dance casually but you remain seated and sad. I can tell this isn't working so I put different music on and tell you that you don't have to dance, I'll put on a bit of a show for you instead... I start dancing more sensually, rubbing my body. I press my breasts into you and grind my hips and ass along your hardness. I start becoming uncomfortable at this point but I just want to make you happy and you seem to be enjoying this. I reluctantly strip out of my dress and stand there with a reluctant expression as you look me up and down. I move my hips and press my ass onto your cocked you startle me by putting your hands on my ass. You start feeling my skin. I grow more and more uncomfortable but tell you that it's okay to touch me. I have a feeling you want to see my bare breasts so I take my bra off. As I get closer to you I fall forward onto your lap and your hands being to grope my tits. You squeeze and suckle my breasts and Ik look at you with mild disgust. I just want to make you happy, after all. I being to realize just how wrong this is and tell you that I shouldn't be doing this but I know what you need. I move my panties to the side and start riding your cock with disgust written all over my face. I move up and down and tell you that mommy loves you and that it's okay but I'm shocked when I feel you cumming inside me. I'm not even on birth control! It happened so fast and you didn't even say anything! I try to mask my anger and tell you that's fine, I'll figure it out... enjoy me, xo TABOO/HESITANT/RELUCTANT/PREMATURE EJACULATION/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/LAP DANCE/DANCING/SENSUAL/POV SEX/CREAMPIE

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