Talia Tate - Ex-Boyfriend is My New Toilet


Talia Tate - Ex-Boyfriend is My New Toilet
You’ve been late, forgotten important events, not shown up for dates and have all around been a terrible boyfriend. You’ve shown up tardy for the last time and I’m kicking you to the curb. After I break up with you and tell you to beat it, your tune really changes. Dropping to your knees and begging to be part of my life in any little way you can, claiming you’ll do anything for me. Anything?!?! I’ve decided to put that little statement to the ultimate test. You’ll do one of the most humiliating and disgusting things you can do…be my human toilet. This includes me using you in front of my new lovers. You can be the shining example of what happens when you fuck up, lose me, and then pledge to do anything in order to keep me.

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