Talia Tate - Principal Punishes the Snitch


Talia Tate - Principal Punishes the Snitch
*Custom clip release. Contact Me to make your fantasy become reality.* You’ve come to the principal soaked in disgusting toilet water, underwear stretched over your pants revealing stains and evidence of a massive wedgie. You’re a dork in desperate need of help, so you snitch on all the big bully jocks that put you in such a lousy state. You expect the leader of the school to step in and put an end to such wretched behavior, but she doesn’t. Instead she laughs in your face and says you are to blame for not standing up for yourself in any sort of way. Not that you could hurt any of those guys, but c’mon man at least fight for your dignity. She even giggles when you tell her that your physician examined you and stated that all these wedgies are causing permanent damage. After you tell her every detail, she calls the bullies in and directs them to up the ante. She grants them full immunity for any future wedgies, swirlies, and all that jazz. In fact she has a quota for them to reach. She has clear and concise expectations of how they should treat you going forward. She smirks as she reminds you that this should be the last time she sees you in her office….

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