TessaTryst - Chubby Long-Distance GF Slutty Tease Vid


TessaTryst - Chubby Long-Distance GF Slutty Tease Vid
Hey, baby. I missed you extra today, so I thought I'd make you this little video. It's a sweet, intimate message, where I tell you about all the things I miss about being with you and how I hope we can see each other soon. Then I start thinking about how I miss the way you touch me, the sweet and dirty things you whisper in my ear... I whisper to you that it's okay to touch yourself, then slowly p33l off the low-cut top I'm wearing, and unbutton my jeans to reveal I'm only wearing a skimpy lace thong underneath! After teasing you with my large, soft breasts for a bit, I smile and tell you I know it's my big ass that really drives you wild... before turning around and teasing you with that thong until you cum for me.

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